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Women Perfume That Works Best For You?

Fragrances are as much part of the fashion industry as clothing and anything else a woman would buy to enhance her presence. Perfumes are glamorous, exciting, explosive, and of course romantic. But you already knew that - so let's get to the point.

You've learned how to take in consideration the season, occasion, and mood before you decide what to wear - but did you? Let's say it is summer in Los Angeles, 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and you're going to the gym. What women's perfume would you wear? I'll say wear nothing - just deodorant and maybe a little light body cream - anything else will heat up on your skin as you work out and chances are you'll drive everyone out of the gym.

But, if you didn't know that, let's talk about fragrance potency. Women's Perfume is the most intense form of fragrance and it lasts the longest on your skin - followed by eau de parfum (perfume), eau de toilette, and eau de cologne. The more essential oils in the fragrance the longer it last and the more expensive it is.

Eau de Cologne with just 4% essential oils and Eau de Toilette with 8 to 15% oils are the least concentrated and last about 2 hours. They come in larger spray or splash bottles and are meant to be used liberally all over the body as the first layer, or first line of defense if you wish.

Eau de Perfume (Parfum) with 15 to 22% essential oils lasts about 3-5 hours. As it has more essential oils it becomes a little more expensive, so use it on the warmer points of your body (wrist, neck, etc.)

Perfume or Parfum Classic is highly concentrated to up to 30% of essential oils and lasts 6 hours or more. Due to its higher concentration of oils it be-comes very expensive and should be used for maximum effect. A smaller bottle of perfume will last longer than a larger size eau de perfume if used effectively, but in the end using either fragrance is just a matter of preference.

In case you didn't know, a pound of rose essential oil costs $5,000 and up, while jasmine essential oil can exceed $25,000 per pound. But, we'll talk more about that later. Right know let's see...

...what men should wear.

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