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How Do I select the right perfume?

Most people have a preferred fragrance that they wear every day - like a hit song on the top ten list played over - and over again until it becomes too familiar but not exciting anymore. That's called olfactory fatigue.

Perfumes are meant to match personality, season, occasion, and mood - let alone more subtle arguments like time of day. There's no substitute for refinement - so here's where your scent education starts.

There are four basic categories of fragrances for women - FRESH - with citrus, green leaves, or marine notes scents - FLORAL - has Jasmine, Rose, and white flowers scents - ORIENTAL - with spice scents, vanilla, and Patchouli - WOODY -with warm woods, citrus, and moss.

Men fragrances do not have floral or oriental tones (or at least they are not called such), and the categories are FRESH (same tones like women's), AROMATIC (citrus, lavender, geranium), and WOODY (Vetiver, Agarwood, Cedar).

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Let's tackle personality, as a match for the right perfume. If you consider "one woman one fragrance" to be true - well, you're wrong. There is no proof that a certain personality would use a specific category exclusively. A woman's mood will overshadow her personality when it comes to selecting the right fragrance - Lamb and Tigress - Mr. Jackle and Mr. Hide - you understand where I'm going.

The seasons are a major influence in selecting perfumes - and it has to do with temperature. Yes, temperature will affect what you wear - in winter the cold will prevent the alcohol in the perfume from evaporating - while in summer high body heat will burn it out in no time. That means that you'll have to refresh your fragrance more often in summer.

Occasion. If "one woman one fragrance" would be true then you'd wear the same perfume regardless if you go to a wedding or a ball game. But, that's not the case. I don't know what you'd wear at a ball game, but at a wedding your fragrance should scream your presence. No, don't pour a gallon of perfume all over your body - just pick the one that matches the occasion, and for sure it will be a woody or oriental scent.

Mood - now that's interesting, but you'll have to read the next chapter:

What fragrance to wear?

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