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The tradition of French perfume manufacture goes back many centuries.

Today, French perfumes account for a substantial share of world perfume exports and four of the eight major groups in the sector are French. As an evanescent product par excellence, supporting thousands of jobs and colossal sales figures, perfume is a luxury product that is increasingly popular; as a sector, it has, for a number of years, undergone some considerable changes.

Rarely has an industrial sector of such importance consisted of so many contradictions: as the quintessence of luxury, sensuality and refinement, the perfume industry is also the domain of powerful industrialists, of experts in marketing and publicity launches at the global level. In spite of the product's somewhat frivolous connotation, the perfume industry has drifted through the recession virtually unaffected, without ever dropping into negative figures (in France, nine out of every ten women and one out of two men use perfume).

And despite several centuries of tradition, French perfume manufacturers now use state of the art technologies. Perfumes are perfected by inspired inventors (the famous "noses" skilled in the art of blending different essences) who know all about the latest findings in chemistry as well as the market prices of expensive natural raw materials. Perfumes are packaged with care, given evocative names and labeled by all the greatest fashion names.

Modern french-perfume-women and french-perfume-men .

Nonetheless, they have never been as popular and are now sold on the shelves of large stores. At the same time, perfumes appeal not only to women but also more and more to men, young people and even children, a market in full expansion. In this sector, France occupies pride of place, with four corporations in the leading pack, followed by a myriad of more modest companies. As a whole, the industry represents a domestic market, but not forgetting that French perfumes represent a good share of world exports in this sector.

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