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How do I find discount perfumes?

Looking for the best prices when buying perfumes can be a time consuming chore. But, most people know what they are looking for and basically the right price for it. So what's left is finding a reliable source with a secure environment for processing your credit card, good customer service and reliable delivery.

Don't buy into commercials and false promises of getting the best discount perfumes by simply becoming a member of a certain web site. Beware of recurring charges, and mostly beware of small companies who hold your credit card information in their unsecured databases.

When you see a couple of dollars difference for a "discount perfume" between your favorite web site and a newbie one, go with the favorite one - you'll know what to expect.

It is very important for you to know that perfumes and fragrances in general have a certain shelve life. As you experienced yourself an opened bottle will keep its original fragrance for 12 to 18 months, sometimes more. But even unopened bottles experience degradation caused by poor storage in un-air-conditioned rooms, exposure to sun, etc. Some vendors will sell you a perfume at a discounted price (just to beat the competition) after they kept it for too long in the display window exposed to heat and UV rays.

The skinny on perfume-discount and discount-designer-perfume .

A piece of good advice about fragrances - when you open a bottle use it or lose it. You'll be amazed how fast some fragrances will spoil, especially for you out there who keep perfume bottles in the bathroom's vanity cabinet. Bathrooms have dramatic variations in temperature and that will spoil your fragrance in no time.

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