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Unique Gifts - Consider A Fragrance Gift Set.

Kisses when you’re lonely,
champagne when you’re dry,
greenbacks when you’re busted,
and heaven when you die.
Monica Convy

How come that with every anniversary, birthday, holiday comes the burden of looking for unique gifts for our loved ones? This is the never-ending story – as special occasions come one after another, after another… with no end in sight. But isn’t this what makes life a little more interesting?

When we go shopping for unique gifts we actually start celebrating in advance, anticipating the occasion, breathing in the atmosphere of the event to be. When selecting a present we subconsciously tell the receiving person – I know you’ll like this, or who I want you to try an enjoy this, this is you, or this is as dear to me as I know it will be for you.

But, finding the right gift can be a daunting challenge, and it doesn’t have to. The better you know the person the faster can pinpoint your choices. Wife and husbands – that’s easy, you usually know what they want. Friends – the list of choices can be reduced to two or three.

For married couples household items are a good idea, but decorating items are even better.
Boss and coworkers – that’s a bummer. You have to carefully select the right gift, not cheap but not expensive either - cute desk items are a good idea (this is what they’ll take home with them when they’re fired :-)

Lovers – no brainer here, perfume or cologne and flowers – nothing beats that! Perfume gift sets are great for Valentine’s day of holidays, but for special occasions a perfume is your best choice.

Smells have been shown to evoke memories that have strong emotional qualities. The sense of smell is critical for the existence of almost all creatures. We humans, able to distinguish over 10,000 different odor molecules, utilize our sense of smell for a multitude of activities from enjoying the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to deciding whom not to sit next to on the bus.

And talking about being able to enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee – you may have noticed already that each counter of every perfumery has a coffee been jar handy. Take a sniff from the coffee been jar just before you try a new fragrance to refresh you palette – just like wine tasting, when you notice that many wines will taste differently if you go back to them after trying other wines – you need to cleanse your palette with water or raspberry sorbet.

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