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Gifts - The art of gift giving.

Gift giving customs vary from country to country, and the importance placed on exchanging gifts is even more culturally specific. Gifts may normally be viewed as thoughtful gestures, generosity, and appreciation – but without really understanding the culture they can be interpreted as bribery, or payment for special favors.

In Japan for example, gift giving is very important in all aspects of life: socially, culturally, and politically. Japan is actually the country where gift making and receiving is more important than anywhere in the world. Japanese people value politeness and formality. This is a national characteristic and gift giving has existed for a long time in our society.

People in the Pacific Rim, Middle East, and Latin America are also keen on gifts, their importance and meaning. Westerners, on the other hand, appreciate gifts but not to the extent that they make an art out of gift giving and receiving – they perceive gifts more as thoughtful gestures rather than generosity and appreciation.

On a personal level it is important to know the receiver of the gift. You know the saying “Don’t bring coal to Newcastle” (Newcastle is a mining town in England); it would be like bringing chocolate to a Swiss or beer to a German. Give from the heart and put your personal touch on each gift, be it through wrapping, adding a flower, or some other form of personal gift presentation – like the classic diamond engagement ring placed discretely in the champagne glass of your fiancé when proposing.

In the workplace, gift giving is daunting task. Personal birthdays gifts are cool because everyone participates and the object to be given is discussed and approved by consensus. Holidays are a different matter, and the danger lays in turning the process into popularity contests, especially when making gifts to the boss. Lay low, and go with the mainstream: cute office products are ok – anything else may be interpreted the wrong way. Stay away from flowers and chocolate when making office gifts – reserve that for your Valentine.

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