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Gifts For Men - "The only time a woman can change a man is when he is a baby.".

Most men a fairly unpretentious when it comes to wearing fragrances - contrary to what most experts recommend - and I'm referring to layering. Men don't usually use perfume, body lotions, powders, or creams as a base - in most cases a good after shave is enough. One thing you should not try to negotiate is the scent of the after shave or cologne.

Men prefer fresh sporty scents, or deep masculine tobacco and musk scents. Men will not wear women's fragrances, but the reverse is true for women. "One man one fragrance" is a true statement, so if you want to surprise your man with a new gift for men be sure to select one in the same tone line, don't try to switch a man from tobacco to musk, or the other way around - it won't work.


Men prefer these scents.

Citrus – like the name depicts, is mostly citrus oils often combined with floral and green scents. It makes the perfect blend for eau de perfume, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette – for day wear. Eau de Guerlain, Eau de Patou, Hermes are just a few of the many brand names using a citrus blend.

Green – fresh cut grass scent, lavender, chamomile, pine and juniper make the bulk of green blends. It’s one of the ideal blend for men fragrances – see 212 Men. For women – Pheromone and Sung Spa.

Marine – a relatively new category demanded by the active new generation. Polo Sport is an example of excellent gifts for men.

Cologne for men revisited…


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