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Gift Baskets - Don't forget to add some perfume, cologne, or fragrance.

When you’re trying to figure out a gift basket design that will cover all bases you should consider the occasion the gift is most suited for and the person (or group) intended for. Most everyone enjoys chocolate but that’s not true with caviar.

While food and wine gift baskets cover a larger taste spectrum, products that enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body have been highly valued in every culture. With the discoveries on new continents trade routes introduced spices to the old world the range of scents became larger each year. At that time there was no perfume manufacturing per say, but home made fragranced products were very popular.

Rose petals, mint, lavender, jasmine, lily - were added to oils to persevere the fragrance, and eventually scent the oil. The oils were then rubbed on gloves, on the skin, burned as incense, or added to soap. All these uses become very popular and the gift baskets containing such items were very well received.

With advances in chemistry in the late 19th century the modern perfume as we know it went mainstream. Everything we use today is scented in one form or another – from soap, detergents, and candles to the most expensive perfumes – and the race for the next top seller is on.

As the gift basket giving tradition was revived and actually brought to unprecedented levels of popularity for the past half century, the perfume manufacturers had to keep up with the trend and come up with their own version of gift baskets – the gift sets. Gift sets contain two or more products of the same line, bundled together at a reduced price. Ideal as holiday gifts, gift baskets, Christmas gifts, birthdays, and anniversary gifts.

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