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Perfume History.

Grasse, the womens perfume capital of the world.Flowers and a few animal essences such as musk and amber are the basic ingredients of all perfumes. Indeed, it is because of flowers that the real perfume capital in France is not Paris but Grasse, in the Cannes hinterland, on the French Riviera. For centuries, roses, jasmine...

Popular Fragrances - The race for the best.

While "Mademoiselle" Chanel herself may have created her famous No.5, which is still among the world's most famous perfumes, that age is well and truly gone. Today, creating a "liquor" is the prerogative of a handful of inventors particularly skilled at...

Fragrance Guide for Men and Women.

Beauty products go mainstream. Most people have a preferred fragrance that they wear every day – like a hit song on the top ten list played over - and over again until it becomes too familiar but not exciting anymore. That’s called olfactory fatigue.

A Perfume For Each Mood.

There's nothing more important to how a fragrance will smell on you than your body's PH balance. Ideal PH is alkaline - but stress and poor nutrition will turn your balance to acid in no time, and that in turn will react differently to anything you apply on your skin.

How to select the right gift for men and women.

Perfumes, colognes, and fragrances in general make perfect gifts. The hard part is selecting the right one, because unlike flowers - that vary with the season, shape, or scent - fragrances have an unique formula that stays the same for the life of the product.

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