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Cologne for men?

Let's get this straight - until recently men used to wear only after shave and deodorant, period. Most still do, but colognes are slowly getting into the mainstream.

Men shave every morning, and there are as many shaving styles and rituals as there are men. Some use blades - others use electric shaving machines, but they all use some type of after shave or cologne at the end.

But, you'll be amazed to know that most men don't know the proper steps to a "clean shave". Basic scenario - wake up, take a shower, dry up, apply shaving cream, shave, splash water on the face, dry up, apply after shave or cologne to finish. Well, that's wrong.

Men keep forgetting about harmful bacteria build up on their shaving utensils. When you apply a blade so close to the skin you're opening up all possibilities of getting infected.

The correct scenario is - wake up, take a shower, dry up, apply alcohol (yes, alcohol) on your unshaven face (no stinging there) and onto the shaving blade - that will kill the bacteria. Apply after shave or men's cologne to finish. Men don't have to apply cologne to certain points on the body - so applying it on the face is ok. You may also want to spray a little on your body.

Men prefer fresh sporty scents, or deep masculine tobacco and musk scents. Just make sure that your cologne and after shave are from the same line when used in tandem.

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